Our Case Results

Our lawyers have many years of experience in criminal defense and personal injury cases. We have achieved outstanding case results across these varied domains, including for clients facing very steep charges in both federal and state court. Check out some of our case results below.

*Please note: The examples below are some of the types of cases we have defended.  Outcomes in these cases do not guarantee future results.  Potential penalties in these cases were determined by a client’s record at the time of the offense and the nature of the charge.  A number of factors go into representation and the ultimate resolution.


Client Charged with Drug Trafficking – Level 2 Marijuana (Over 50 lb)

  • Potential outcome: Mandatory 35-51 months in prison
  • Outcome after our representation: Client did not serve one day in jail or prison and was only sentenced to probation.


Client with Previous Felony Charged with Drug Trafficking – Over 100 grams MDMA and Firearms

  • Potential outcome: Client was under a 1.25 million dollar bond and faced over 140 months in prison due to the charges and status as a habitual felon.
  • Outcome after our representation: We were able to have the bond reduced to 100,000 dollars so the client could bond out. After having the charges sent to superior court for trial and suppression motions due to search and seizure issues, all charges were dismissed.


Client Charged with Conspiracy to Traffic – Level 1 Heroin (more than 4g and less than 14g)

  • Potential outcome: Mandatory 70-84 months in prison.
  • Outcome after our representation: All charges dismissed. We were able to convince the District Attorney’s Office that our client was a pure user who was charged by the police under a bogus theory of trafficking.


Client Charged with Felony Possession with Intent to Distribute – Marijuana and Maintaining a Dwelling

  • Potential outcome: Felony conviction and Probation.
  • Outcome after our representation:  All charges dismissed. The State was adamantly opposed to my client entering in to a diversionary program, due to weight of marijuana, to have the charges dismissed. However, after nearly two years in Superior Court fighting this case my client was able to have all charges dismissed and have their record remain clean.


Client Charged with over 25 Felony Drug Charges

  • Potential outcome: life in federal prison.
  • Outcome after our representation: After filing extensive motion to dismiss, the Government conceded and dismissed each and every charge.


Client Career-Offender on Drug Trafficking Charges

  • Potential outcome: 360 to life due to being a career-offender.
  • Outcome after our representation: Trial resulted in a hung jury. Government declined to retry the case and gave our client 2 years time served.


DWI in a Hybrid Vehicle with Engine Running

Client was accused of driving under the influence in a hybrid vehicle with the engine running and was convicted in district court.

  • Potential outcome: A fine, months of jail time, and license suspension for a year.
  • Outcome after our representation: Rather than accepting a Judge’s decision, we appealed to superior court, and a jury returned a Not Guilty verdict. We hired an expert witness to testify that based on the officer’s investigation the State could not prove the engine was running under North Carolina law, since it was a hybrid vehicle.


DWI Arrest Without Probable Cause

  • Potential Outcome: A fine, months of jail time, and license suspension for a year.
  • Outcome after our representation: We argued that there was insufficient probable cause to arrest our client, and the judge agreed. All evidence was suppressed, which forced the state to dismiss charges.


DWI Forced Breathalyzer Test

A client was forcibly administered a breathalyzer test on the roadside, which she tried to refuse.

  • Potential Outcome: A fine, months of jail time, and license suspension for a year.
  • Outcome after our representation: We argued that her rights were violated, and the judge agreed and suppressed the breath test results, resulting in the case being dismissed.

Client Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

The client came to see us after a federal search warrant was served at their residence and all electronic devices were seized.  After forensically testing their computers, over 1000 images of child pornography were found.  

  • Potential outcome: 5 to 20 years in prison and mandatory sex offender registration.
  • Outcome after representation: Federal government declined to prosecute after months of negotiations.

Client Charged with Armed Robbery

Client was charged with armed robbery of the grocery store where they worked and was alleged to be the inside man for the job by letting his co-defendant in through the back door. The State alleged that our client’s co-worker was tied up during the robbery. 

  • Potential outcome: 3 or more years in prison.
  • Outcome after our representation: Sentence of probation.


Client Charged with Domestic Violence Against Girlfriend

  • Potential outcome: Several months in prison.
  • Outcome after our representation: Case was dismissed.


Client Charged with 1st Degree Murder after unlawful arrest and interrogations.

  • Potential outcome: life in prison.
  • Outcome after our representation: Sentenced to time already served as a result of filing motions to suppress for unlawful arrest and unlawful police station interrogation.


Client Charged with 1st Degree Murder Dropped to Manslaughter with 12 year plea offer.

  • Potential outcome: imprisonment for life if charged, 12 year plea offered for voluntary manslaughter.
  • Outcome after our representation: Client was given max 64-89 months (5-7.5 years) with credit for 3 years of time already served, resulting in a 2-4 years sentence.


Client Charged with 1st Degree Murder given 20 year plea offer.

  • Potential Outcome: 20 years in prison if plea agreement was taken.
  • Outcome after our representation: 2.5 years imprisonment.


Clients Issued Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO)

We’ve had several clients issued a very restrictive DVPO based on little to no concrete evidence. We have successfully had these orders dismissed and protected our clients from potential criminal charges.